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Besides the Bride & Groom, the wedding flowers will likely be one of the most photographed details on your wedding day.  It is important to pick wedding flowers and arrangements truly fit your wedding style. 

At Ruby & Blush Weddings our arrangements are "bespoke" and made to reflect these highly personal requirements.

Specific flowers and finishes often need to be pre-ordered so it is best to give us a call for a consultation at your soonest convenience.

It all starts with an in-depth consultation so we can fully understand your requirements, set a budget and lock in your date.  It is best to give as much lead time as possible but generally, we need a minimum of 1 month lead time.

Ruby & Blush can supply elements or a complete package of floral arrangements for your special day.  Not limited to but including the following:

  • Bridal Party
  • Ceremony 
  • Venues
  • Cake Decoration

Linde, the owner and head designer has a great passion for weddings and is immensely proud of the many and varied styles she has produced with great satisfaction and accolade from her clients.  She is constantly posting and updating weddings so her enhanced portfolio is open to view on our facebook page. Click the link below.

Ruby & Blush Weddings.

Please give her a call or email her at your convenience.

Phone: 09 5218040