Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant


Classically elegant - a single stemmed Phalaenopsis orchid plant. This stylish plant blooms with beautiful and multiple "butterfly" or "moth" like flowers. The Phalaenopsis Orchid always popular makes an instant impact, a tasteful and long-lasting gift to show you care for any reason or occasion. 

Phalaenopsis plants are an ideal gift for a patient in a hospital as their mere presence can reduce stress and improve air quality and humidity in a room, plus brightening up a dreary hospital room with a colourful orchid is bound to make anyone feel better.

Delivered in a sturdy white or black ceramic vase. Stands approx 750mm tall. Phalaenopsis Orchid colour tones may vary a little according to supply.

Available in 1 size only.  Choose from 2 colour options above.


Ruby & Blush select only the freshest blooms and Orchids not substituted for any other option unless agreed by you. 

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